Cross-Border Financial Services

“Research, Science & Technology
Driven Financial Services
With a Touch of Art”

Zonvon applies top-notch research on world wide investment
opportunities, leverages cutting-edge technologies, allocates
capital and dynamically manages.

Zonvon Ventures selectively invests in startups with the willingness and ability to be the future champions of specific sectors with significant scale. Typical focuses are FinTech, Robotics/AI, VR/AR/MR, Healthcare, etc. Decision is made in days or weeks.

Zonvon believes in the value of independent thinking. Top-notch research provides our clients multiple views to digest the past, understand present and embrace the future. Zonvon Research differentiates itself with internationalized and diversified perspectives while focusing on our clients' highest priority.


Zonvon appreciates the efficiency and wiseness of artificial intelligence.  We also recognize data as an asset. The way we do Merger & Acquisition is much more efficient at much lower cost. Our typical clients are looking for cross-border deals and want to close them right away.

A three level space acting as an interface to attract the most brilliant brains in the city and around the world to share their valuable and inspiring ideas, experience, resource, influence, power, wealth, via high frequency activities such as meals, drinks, communications, camps, debates, etc.


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